STACKED > Director / Choreographer / Performer / Producer

Site-specific, multi-media spectacle around the architecture of an old 7,000 sq ft retail space. The audience moves through a series of intimate dressing rooms and into a main retail space where live steaming/mixed video and sound from the changing rooms fills the space.

Conceived and directed by Martha Williams, Changing rooms: Alberto Denis, Amy Larimer, Martha Williams, Peter Sciscioli, Vicky Virgin, Clare Byrne, Eric Jackson Bradley (Tori Sparks and Lila Zimbel), Luke Wiley, Scotty the Blue Bunny (Scott Grabell), Jen Kosky; Video by Chris Jordan, Zarah Cabanas, Sima Emel; Camera by Peter Shapiro; Sound by Newclueless (Daniel Smith); sound for video by Alberto Deniis and Pavel Zustiak; edited by Erinnisse Heuer.