Martha Williams :: Eleanor Roosevelt

Martha Williams

BA anthropology GWU & MFA film directing CalArts) is an award-winning writer/director and has been making “work” for 15 years: first as a choreographer, dancer & sustainability activist, then as a filmmaker & consultant but always with a penchant for agitating the invisible cultural fabric that binds us together.

Martha’s latest work, a short-form series about love and dating called Run for Your Life, recently hit 7 million views on YouTube.

Some accolades are: Nominations for Best Directing & Film, Rio Web Fest & Copenhagen Film Festival, Outstanding Series at the New York Television Festival, London Film Awards, Pilotlight TV Fest, IndieBoom, Cinerail, Knoxville Film Festival, West Fest, South Street Seaport Cultural Association, Gershwin Hotel, Jumping Frames Festival/Hong Kong, The Flea Theater, The Joyce Soho; Meet the Composer Creative Connections, Dança em foco International Festival of Video, Dance/Rio de Janeiro, acting w/Spike Lee and was the founder of the BugHouse  SPIN, a NY-based storytelling show from 2014-2016.

Besides making countless dance and film works, she currently resides over BreakBread World & Culture Shift Agency.